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*Please Note*

Ingilbys have  over 30,000 colour recipes from 50 years of formulations. These colour palette ranges  were created to make choosing a colour quick and easy. We still offer our Colour Matching Service should a different colour be required.

These colours are a digital representation of our finished colours and are intended as a guide. These colours are for reference only and are an approximation of the true colours. The quality, type and settings of the output device used to display this page will also affect the visible colour.

For full colour satisfaction please order Sample Pots.



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* Lime products mixed in these colours should be applied within 14 days of order. These colours are unavailable in a limewash sample. We can however supply a dry ‘rub out’ of the asterisk colours, please Contact Us or leave a message at checkout.

* why are some colours marked with an asterisk?

GOOSENECK CHERRY BLOSSOM MIGHTY PIP CLOCKHOUSE CROOKED HOUSE FOX EARTH TERRACOTTA ENGLISH MADDER NO.1 RED PHEASANTS EYE STRETCHED ESPRESSO Gooseneck Cherry Blossom Mighty Pip Clockhouse Crooked House Fox Earth Terracotta English Madder No.1 Red Pheasants Eye Stretched Espresso Traditional Palette - Locally inspired colours, now available in a range of coatings. Suffolk Palette - Suffolk inspired subtle, periodic and vivid colours, now available in a range             of coatings. Smoke Rose Pink Red Ochre Soft Salmon Red Smoke Mocha Bordeaux Red Smoke Rose Pink Red Ochre Soft Salmon Mocha Bordeaux Red Standard Palette - Floor colours from German (RAL) and British (BS) colour standards. Red Smoke Lobster Oxide Red Butterscotch Mid Tan Lobster Butterscotch Mid Tan Lobster Poppy Oxide Red Pinks to Reds