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Here at Ingilbys we offer a FREE colour matching service in all of our products. * **

All colours are matched by eye by one of our experienced specialists.

We can match to a colour card, piece of plaster or any other material given it is of a reasonable size (1 inch squared as a rough minimum), please note we must have a physical material to match to. ( Please see below)

Due to varied outputs and settings on display devices we cannot ensure a good match from anything on a computer/phone/tablet screen, photo attached via email etc.

It is also worth mentioning that printed colour cards are not always exactly the same as one and another so we often request the exact colour card the customer would like the colour matching to, this helps increase required colour accuracy.

* More often than not the required colour match has been previously matched and a recipe exists due to over 30 years of offering the colour matching service, however if the colour match is new, whether it is new in the desired product or a new colour altogether, a minimum order of 5 litres is required.

** Exceptions

Although we endeavour to match any colour requested there are some boundaries as to what colours can be achieved in certain products.

Often the colours that are difficult to achieve are bright colours similar to colours offered in modern paints or colours that are strong and deep.

Bright colours are often difficult to achieve due to our use of traditional natural pigments although we do use synthetic colours and stainers when  a bright colour is requested.

Deep colours are sometimes difficult to achieve, mainly in limewashes, due to the natural colour of the lime itself, a strong white, and there is a limit to how much pigment and/or stainers can be added. However blacks and dark greys are achievable.

Having said all this it is a rare occurrence that the desired colour cannot be matched and this is just to outline that some colours may not be achievable. If the match is within the boundaries anticipated from over 50 years experience then  it will be matched.