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How is this calculated?

Subtractions (windows, beams, doors etc) Subtractions (Calculate as a gable wall?) Calculate as a textured surface?
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Litre Calculator

Please use this calculator to help estimate litres required in varying products.

Please note these calculations are based on average spread rates and are intended as estimates only. Precise litre requirements can vary based on factors including surface porosity & application style to name a few.

How do I use the Calculator?

Unit Height Product - Recommended coats - Average spread rate Width Coats (See above for recommended coats)
Height Area calculated with gable beginning two thirds up continuing a further third to peak. (Height & Width as entered above). 2/3 Height Width

How To Use

Select product and observe recommended coats.

Choose Feet or Metres and enter Height and Width of wall or area & select required coats for litre calculation.

Choose whether any subtractions are required.

Choose whether or not to calculate for additional surface area due to a textured surface.

Click ‘Calculate Litres’

Estimated required litres will be displayed for current wall or area.

Required litre amount will also be added to middle panel so a new wall or area in same product can be calculated on first panel.

Column 1

Column 2

Each wall or area calculation will be added into panel below for total litre calculation for chosen product.

Use the ‘Add’  button to add to the All Areas panel and begin calculations for a different product.

Click the ‘Clear’ button to delete and clear calculations currently displayed.

Changing product type will also clear panel below.

Column 1

Panel below will display all calculations for each wall/area for each product required.

Use ‘Clear’ button to empty.